Healthy Set Faded Beard Balm Organic Oil Conditioner Growing Beard

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- Easy to use

- Natural ingredients that contain a blend of wax's, oils and butters with no preservatives.

Net WT: 30ml beard oil & 60g beard balm

Color of cream: light yellow

Storage condition: Keep fresh in dry & cool area

Directions : APPLY DAILY AM & PM

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Wash & Clean the growing area.

Apply the cream by gradually massaging it over the area you want to grow hair and smoothly massage until the cream is absorbed through the skin and the black cream is faded away (until black cream does not appear on skin)

Normally, the results can be seen around the 3rd week. Small hair will appear and you can continually use for thicken facial hair.

Ingredients(beard balm): Argan oil,Mango butter,Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Beeswax,Sweet orange oil

Ingredients(beard oil): A perfect,fragrance-free blend of 100% pure,organic cold pressed,unrefined Golden Jojoba oil,100% Pure,organic cold pressed,unrefined Moroccan Argan oil

How to use beard oil and beard balm together
Step 1: Beard oil

1. Put a few drops of beard oil on your palm. The amount you need will vary based on the length and thickness of your beard. Start with a few drops and add more as necessary.

2. Rub the beard oil between your palms and then distribute it through your beard. Use your fingers to massage the oil through your hair and into your skin.

3. Use a boar bristle beard brush, comb, or both to help evenly distribute the beard oil. A beard brush will penetrate all layers of your beard and exfoliate skin to get rid of dead skin that can cause beardruff. Meanwhile, a comb will massage the skin underneath to stimulate circulation and encourage healthy beard growth.


Step 2: Beard balm

1. Scoop out a dime-sized amount using the back of your thumbnail.

2. Rub your hands together to soften the beard balm for an easier application.

3. Work the beard balm into your beard, starting at the sides and then focusing on areas where you have particularly rebellious bristles. Don’t forget your mustache. Comb through your beard with your fingers.

4. Use a boar bristle beard brush, comb, or both to help evenly distribute the beard balm.




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When one is better than the other

We recommend using beard oil and beard balm together for an epic beard. However, there are situations where using just one might be more beneficial

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