Baby Walker Harness Backpack For Toddlers Child

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Baby Walker Harness Backpack For Toddlers Child

80% Learn To Walk Quickly

Fun to learn , Made from premium materials . Designed according to the child's physique. Agile movement, Well ventilated, Comfortable to wear and not damp,
Can support weight 15 kg. Safe from accidents, Can be cleaned, Can be disassembled,

You don't want your child to develop slowly, right?

Give This To Him



1.The walking helper will build a sense of stand and walking for baby during toddlers period ,allows your baby keep balances and stand more naturally, and your baby will be more confident to learn walking with such a funny helper. Therefore, your baby will have a good sense of balance and learning walking so fast.

2. Walking assistant is easy to use,parents simply fasten the support vest around the upper part of the baby’s chest just below the armpits, adjust the handle straps to the shortest possible length or hold the support straps at the base of the straps to assist your child with hands-free balance.

3. The harness is great at keeping your little ones upright so they could keep their balance and helped them walk. Walking assistant allows babies to recover quickly from falls, giving them more courage in the process of learning to walk.

4. Don’t help the baby in the toddler stage to walk with their bare hands, with arms and armpits restricted, they are unable to balance themselves; Also for adults have long stooped to help, and it’s easier to get back pain.






Comfortable to wear and not damp


more soft and more comfortable


Agile movement

8support weight 15 kg.


Material: Polyester
Load Bearing: 15kg
Model Number: 0.15kg

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