Camping Equipment Tools Survival

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Camping Equipment Tools Survival

Regardless of circumstances, you need to adapt to any situation...

WelcomeTools Survival. Folding Shovel Kit Pickax with Carrying Pouch Portable Tactical Army Spade Military Multitool for Outdoor Off Road Camping Hiking Backpacking Entrenching Digging Gardening Survival Vehicle Tool and much more...

1.  The shovel head is hand polished / the handle is oxidized and not easily damaged, durable.
2.  The shovel handle is made of high mass aluminum alloy with high mass and full color.
3.  Innovative and compact knurling process for a more comfortable grip.
4.  Knife set is a multi-functional machine that can cut meat in the wild, cut vegetables, self-defense, fish, sawn wood.
5.  The first built-in handle attack cone can easily break the window and also be used for self-defense.
6.  Unique detachable attack cone can be replaced more intimate

Through the hardships. Get everything you want in woods fast and easy.

Multi-Function Tools For Camping

This world is not easy. It can be dangerous journey through the moments of survival and perception...

 No matter where you are now. Just keep it while tracking in the wild.

And nobody can help you. Solve your everyday task

Tail Attack Hammer + Compass 

Application: Camping Shovel
Material: Carbon Steel

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